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Services Provided
Mannan Education offers a wide range of academic courses and assistance throughout the year. These are designed to prepare pupils for any upcoming challenges and give them the confidence and understanding they need to succeed. Our many services include:
  • Assessments - All new pupils are invited for an assessment on designated Assessment Days (see calendar). 
  • Mock Exams - These exams simulate exam conditions to give pupils as much practice as possible for their final exams.
  • Weekly Classes - Currently we offer Year Five Saturday classes.
  • Summer Courses - These are designed to close gaps from previous years and prepare students for key topics in the upcoming year. 
  • Parent Consultations - We offer parent consultations on Future Schools, and review the general academic progress of their child.
  • Private Tutoring - We offer 1 to 1 tuition where needed.



Mannan Education has a proven track record of helping pupils to achieve offers from a range of schools, which include leading independent day schools and grammar schools in London as well as boarding schools further afield. We welcome pupils from Independent and the State school sectors. 


Our pupils have been offered places at the Tiffin School ( Girls and Boys), the Latymer SchoolLady Eleanor Holles,  Hampton, St Paul's Girls' School, Kings Wimbledon, St Benedict'sLatymer (Upper  and Prep), Westminster Upper, Merchant Taylors', North London Collegiate, City of London, City of London School for Girls, St James' School ( Boys and Girls), Putney High School , Ibstock Place School,  Godolphin and Latymer, Kew House , The Harrodian, Reeds, Mill Hill School and  St Paul's Boys' School ( Senior and Junior) to name just a few. There have been academic, music, drama and sports scholarships awarded  every year as well as full bursaries where appropriate.


Our 13+ pupils have received offers from a range of schools including Hampton, Merchant Taylors', Bradfield CollegeMillfield, St Paul's Boy's School, Lambrook, St John's Leatherhead, Epsom College, Seaford College , Tonbridge, Harrow, Marlborugh  and Downe House School



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